Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I speak at a City Council meeting regarding an item on the agenda?
How do I speak at a City Council meeting regarding an item that is not on the agenda?
When and where are Council meetings held?
When will the agenda for the next Council Meeting be available?
What does the City Council do?
What is a Resolution?
What is an Ordinance?
How can I apply for a Board, Commission or Committee vacancy?

How do I submit a request for public records?
How much do public records cost?
How long will it take to receive public records?
How do I get a copy of records approved by the City Council?
Where can I register to vote?
How do I get an application for an absentee ballot?
How do I find my polling place?
How do I vote by mail?
Where can I find information regarding the trolley?




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  • What Services Are Provided by the Humane Society?

  • I received a parking citation for not displaying my handicap placard; can I contest the parking citation?

  • How can I pay for a parking citation?

  • How do I contest a parking citation?

  • When would I need to apply for a Regulatory Permit?

  • How do I start a business in Santee?

  • How do I apply for a business license?

  • How do I renew a business license?

  • How do I search for existing businesses in the City?

  • How do I make changes to an existing license?

  • I am doing work from my home; do I need a business license?

  • I misplaced my business license certificate, how can I get another one?

  • Can I prepare and/or sell food out of my home?

  • When are business license renewals due? Are there any penalties?

  • What are the current adopted Building Codes used by the City?

  • How do I schedule a building inspection?

  • How long does it take, and where do I get a Building Permit?

  • Who can prepare plans for a Building Permit?

  • What are the fees?

  • Is any other type of special information required for a Building Permit?

  • Who is authorized to obtain a Building Permit?

  • What doesn't need a Building Permit?

  • For my residential project, how many sets of plans and copies of information do I need to submit?

  • How long is my Building Permit valid?

  • How can I locate my property line?

  • Who can I contact regarding private property disputes?

  • When will I need and how can I obtain an Encroachment Permit?

  • When will I need and how can I obtain a Grading Permit (including retaining walls)?

  • How do I find out my flood zone and FEMA's Flood Insurance Rate Maps?

  • How do I find out my soil conditions and Seismic Hazard Maps?

  • How can I find out about existing utilities and as-built research?

  • How do I obtain City's Title Blocks and Standard notes?

  • For design purposes, how do I obtain Citywide drainage studies?'

  • When would I contact the Planning Division?

  • What is the zoning on my property?

  • Where can I find the Assessors Parcel Number (APN) for my property?

  • What can I build on my property?

  • I want to build a room addition. What are my setbacks?

  • Can I build a granny flat/second unit on my residential lot?

  • What is the height limit for a fence or wall at my residence?

  • Can I set up a business in my home?

  • What can I do if I think my neighbor is violating the Zoning Ordinance?

  • What is the parking requirement for my property/business?

  • Do I need a sign permit for all signs?

  • I would like to obtain a temporary banner permit for my business. What is the process?

  • What are the fees of the Planning Division?

  • I would like to landscape my property. Are there any requirements that I must meet?