Animals: Domestic and Wild

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Chickens, Coyotes and More

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The City of Santee contracts with the San Diego County Department of Animal Services to assist residents with the following animal-related issues:

  • pet adoptions
  • animal abuse
  • aggressive dogs
  • dog bite to a person
  • dog licensing
  • rabies vaccinations
  • microchip pet identification
  • low-cost spay and neuter referrals
  • lost and found pet services

Information: (619) 767-2675

24-Hour hotline: (619) 236-2341


Barking Dogs                                                                           

Barking dogs (as well as noisy pet birds) can be frustrating and annoying. The Santee Municipal Code prohibits excessive noise, and the Sheriff's Department will respond to complaints via their non-emergency number (858) 565-5200 although law enforcement and city code enforcement officers are limited in what they can do. The best way to handle this situation is by talking in a civil manner with the neighbor whose pets are being too vocal. If that fails, you can try to resolve the situation through mediation. Contact the National Conflict Resolution Center online or call (619) 238-2400



Bees can be kept in residential areas under specific conditions. They are outlined here.



Backyard chickens are allowed in Santee. Local regulations can be found here.


Coyotes and Other Wild Animals

The city has neither the resources nor the expertise to respond to problems posed by wild animals.

For further guidance, check with the California Department of Fish & Wildlife or County Wildlife Services


Dead Animal Removal

To report a dead animal along a road or other public space call the Public Services hotline at 619-258-4100, ext. 304. For removal of a dead animal on private property, call D & D Services Inc. at (858) 279-8242.


Dog Parks (Map & Info)


Domestic Animals

Certain domestic animals are allowed based on the size of your property. Contact the City Planning Division for more information.


Injured or Orphaned Wild Animals

Contact Project Wildlife



If you encounter a rattlesnake in an open space habitat area, keep your distance and leave it alone. If a rattlesnake enters your home, garage or yard and is an immediate threat to your family or pets, call 911.