Mast Park

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Mast Park Renovations Require Park Closure

On Dec. 4, 2018, the city will begin construction of a $10 million renovation of Mast Park. For safety reasons, this will require the park to be closed until the project is completed in late 2019.

Outdated amenities within the park – the restroom, shade pavilion, basketball court and playground – will be replaced with modern facilities. Even more dramatic will be new landscaping featuring a mix of drought-tolerant native plants, dry creek beds and other hardscape reminiscent of a botanical garden. The park was redesigned to enhance public safety. There will be a dedicated parking spot reserved for sheriff's deputies and improved sight lines so officers can see more areas of the park. 

Most of the park’s mature sycamore, oak and cottonwood trees that provide soothing shade will remain untouched.

The remodeled park will have a lighted loop trail, creating a safe, well-lit path so people can get their steps in during winter. Additional parking will be tucked away in the northwest corner of the park.  The design calls for tripling the amount of space for picnics, which will bring a family friendly energy to the park. New play areas for children will include a traditional playground structure along with a nature play area with tree trunks for kids to climb on and get their hands dirty.

The existing dog park will be reconfigured with three sections, one dedicated for puppies, another for small dogs and a third for big dogs.

A concession stand with picnic tables will be placed between the dog park and a redone disc golf course, creating a hub for social activity. This may also become a pit stop for bicycle riders who in the not-so-distant future will be touring for miles along the San Diego River Trail.

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