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 2018 Poster Contest Rules without Watermark

2018 Poster Contest!!

All Posters Entered Were Displayed For Open House Voting!


The Winner and Her Poster With Firefighters!




The Winner and Her Family Following Ride Home From School with Firefighters in Fire Truck!!


2016 Poster Contest!!!

      Poster Contest Winner 2016          Poster Contest Ice Cream Party 1

                                     The Winner!!                                             The Winner With Mom                                                                                                                     And Firefighters!!

      Poster Contest Ice Cream Party 3 2016         Poster Contest Ice Cream Party 2

             First, The Poster Contest Ice Cream                    ...The Winner Rides Home From
              Party For Everybody!!  And Then...                          School In The Fire Truck!!


Winning Posters from 2011

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